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Grow Ahead: New Crowdfunding Platform to Support Small Farmers

Dr. Bronner’s fair trade partner, Fair World Project launched Grow Ahead, a new crowdfunding platform to support and stand in solidarity with small farmers around the world as they address the challenges of climate change in their communities.

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New Crowdfunding Platform to Connect Funders and Small Farmers

On May 2, leading fair trade advocacy organization Fair World Project launched Grow Ahead, a platform to enable individuals and organizations to stand in solidarity with small farmers.

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Protect Small Farms to Meet Growing Global Food Needs, Study Says

As the world moves towards large-scale plantation agriculture, it’s crucial poor countries protect small farmers to meet the food needs of a growing global population, said a study from Australian researchers published on Wednesday.

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Small-Scale Farmers Confront Climate Change

Supporting and developing small-scale regenerative farming will require significant resources, research and awareness-raising. To successfully confront the challenges of climate change and feed the world, small-scale farmers will have to play a critical role.

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Grow Ahead: Crowdfunding Climate Resilience

Industrial agriculture and food production is a major contributor to climate change, and the small-scale farmers whose regenerative practices our future relies on are bearing the brunt of the impacts.

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Small Scale Farmers Cool the Planet

Fair World Project produced this 17-minute documentary highlighting the role of industrial agriculture in climate change while expounding on how small farmers are combating the climate crisis through regenerative organic agriculture.

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Introducing Grow Ahead: Connecting People to Small Farmers for Farmer Resiliency

‘Grow Ahead’ is an online lending and funding program that connects individuals and organizations directly to family farmer organizations in the developing world who are historically under-resourced.

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