Business Partnerships

We work with value-aligned companies to create high-impact and meaningful partnerships to take action for people and the planet.

We connect businesses with small-scale farmer-led reforestation projects, drawing carbon out of the atmosphere and supporting community livelihoods in a sustainable and impactful way.

Join us, your contribution can change the lives of those who are doing the most to cool the planet and feed the world.

Partnerships with businesses like yours are instrumental to our work in supporting small-scale farmers and combatting climate change. Our team is committed to helping companies build authentic and impactful cause-marketing campaigns to help demonstrate  commitment to small-scale farmers. 

Create a promotion, or sponsor projects with Grow Ahead, to change lives while developing your brand and gaining loyalty and trust amongst consumers.


  • Far-Reaching Impact: Support locally-driven fair trade projects that have a positive long-term impact. We serve thousands of small-scale farmers through local farmer cooperative-led reforestation projects.
  • Social and environmental responsibility: Studies show that consumers, especially Millennials, are willing to pay more for brands that are socially and environmentally responsible. Use cause marketing to grow and gain recognition as a brand that is committed to supporting communities and taking action for the climate.
  • Trustworthy and Efficient: More than 95% of funds raised through business partnerships go directly to supporting smallholder farmers. Our team has 20+ years of experience developing projects with smallholder farmer cooperatives in Africa, Latin America, and Asia and strong credibility with hundreds of NGOs and businesses in North America

Climate Action is urgently needed and you and your customers can be a part of the solution. The Plant Trees for Climate Action app for Shopify adds a checkbox at checkout to offer customers the option to add $1 to their order to plant a tree and cover the carbon footprint of shipping their package.

Every dollar donated plants a tree in a community-led project around the world, a tangible way for customers to support sustainability initiatives.

Partner Highlight

Maggie'sOrganics Logo

"Maggie's is proud to partner with Grow Ahead and support their effort to scale-out regenerative agriculture in farming communities around the world. We are excited to be connecting the important on-the-ground work of Grow Ahead to our customer base. This is a way for them to resonate with the work being done, instead of simply feeling helpless and depressed about the effects of climate change."

-  Bená Burda, Maggie’s Organics/Clean Clothes Inc.


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Our Partners

Grow Ahead teams up with community organizations around the world to support projects that improve the environment and community livelihoods.