We team up with small-scale farmer organizations around the world to support projects that improve the environment and community livelihoods. 

Where We Work

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Our campaigns raise money for projects that are completely designed, implemented, and managed by community cooperatives. This is a radical shift in community development, placing trust in local knowledge and expertise. As a result, communities have more sovereignty over their food and resources to spread knowledge on sustaining their communities and their lands.

Current Campaigns

Loan Fund for Beekeeping in Chiapas, Mexico

Campaign Goal: $10,000

Country: Mexico

Grow Ahead is raising $10,000 with FondoMás and impacto cafe for a revolving loan fund to support small-scale coffee farmers as they diversify into producing organic honey.

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Women-led Reforestation in Peru

Campaign Goal: $25,000

Country: Peru

Grow Ahead has teamed up with CAC Pangoa to support a women-run reforestation project in the Amazon in Peru.

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Scholarships for Women Farm Leaders in Honduras

Campaign Goal: $5,000 

Country: Honduras 

Women consistently have less access to resources, including education. Sponsor education on regenerative organic agriculture for 10 women farmers from the Café COMSA.

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