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Give Trees

We're on a mission to plant 1 million trees in partnership with small-scale farmers.

Deforestation for agricultural expansion causes 15-18% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Agroforestry is a solution working for farmers and the planet. By planting trees in agroforestry systems, farmers can meet the needs of their communities, while generating much needed income through the sale of organic and fair trade products while enhancing their climate resiliency. 

Grow Ahead develops local partnerships with small-scale farmer organizations to plant trees in agroforestry systems to support community food security and carbon sequestration. Our programs boost the economic resilience of farmers by diversifying their sources of income.

Despite strong market prices for organic and fair trade products, farmers need support and investment to transition to a resilient, regenerative future. That's where you can help.

Give Trees

For just $1 per tree, you can join us and small-scale farmers in tackling climate change and growing vibrant food forests around the globe.

Women-led Reforestation in Peru

Campaign Goal: $25,000

Country: Peru

Grow Ahead has teamed up with CAC Pangoa to support a women-run reforestation project in the Amazon in Peru. 

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What is Agroforestry?

The World Agroforestry Center defines agroforestry as "a dynamic, ecologically-based, natural resources management system that, through the integration of trees on farms and in the agricultural landscape, diversifies and sustains production for increased social, economic, and environmental benefits for land users at all levels."

Some agroforestry systems are ancient (13,000 years+) while modern systems have about three decades of history and began in response to the environmental and food crises.

Agroforestry combines a diverse mix of annual cash crops, perennial crops, fruit trees and timber trees resulting in yields for subsistence and commercial use or even educational and recreational use.

Why Agroforestry?

Deforestation for agricultural expansion causes 15-18% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

Agroforestry is a solution working for farmers and the planet.


Trees are one of our best allies in a changing climate. Project Drawdown ranks agroforestry practices such as "Tree Intercropping" and "Multistrata Agroforestry" as the 17th and 28th best ways to sequester greenhouse gas emissions.


Farmers plant and maintain trees on their own land and tree nurseries are created,  opening up new job opportunities for local communities. Farmers are connected to markets and sustainable harvest plans are designed to provide long-term income.


Agroforestry enables farmers to leave the bulk of their land in agricultural production while growing trees, promoting food security.


Trees provide countless environmental services, including improving air quality, preserving and protecting biodiversity, providing habitat for wildlife, supporting a healthy water cycle, and boosting a farm's tolerance to floods and droughts.


Plant Trees.
Support Agroforestry.
Grow Resilience.

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