Plant Trees

We're on a mission to plant 1 million trees in partnership with small-scale farmers.

Deforestation for agricultural expansion causes 15–18% of global greenhouse gas emissions. 

Agroforestry can help. It’s a solution that benefits farmers and the planet. By planting trees in agroforestry systems — together with crops — farmers can meet community needs, generate income through organic and fair trade product sales, and enhance their climate resiliency. 

Grow Ahead helps by developing local partnerships with small-scale farmer organizations. Then, these organizations have the resources and education to plant trees in agroforestry systems that go on to support community food security and reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, also known as carbon sequestration. 

Grow Ahead programs also boost the economic resilience of farmers by diversifying their income sources. Despite strong market prices for organic and fair trade products, farmers need support and investment to shift to a resilient, regenerative future.

That is where you can help.

Current Agroforestry Campaigns

For just $2 per tree, you can join us and small-scale farmers in tackling climate change and growing vibrant food forests around the globe. Click on a project below to learn more and donate!

 Seed Saving and Reforestation in Mexico

Campaign Goal: $46,000

Country: Mexico

Grow Ahead has teamed up with Ka’ Kuxtal Much Meyaj to support the planting of 25,000 trees and promotion of a seed saving program in Campeche, Mexico.

Farmer Led Agroforestry in Mexico’s Coffee Lands

Campaign Goal: $18,000

Country: Mexico

Grow Ahead has teamed up with the Coalition of Ejidos of the Costa Grande of Guerrero to support the planting of 75,000 trees and facilitate agroecological training via the network of Latin American Institute of Agroecology (IALA).

Why Agroforestry

Agroforestry is a way of planting crops and trees together to improve social, economic, and environmental benefits. Agroforestry “systems” help farmers restore water and nutrients to their soil, increase the production of food, and pull carbon out of the atmosphere.

Grow Ahead Agroforestry Illustration

How Grow Ahead Works

Reforestation has been a hot topic in the world of sustainable climate solutions. What makes Grow Ahead different is not just what we are doing, it’s how we are doing it.


Partner directly with local farmers

Prioritize growth of strong forest systems over immediate tree count

Plant in agroforestry systems

Project plan and tree planting is implemented by community organizations

Combine needs of food security and gender equity into reforestation

Build in farmer-to-farmer training on agroforestry and replanting

Reforestation projects planned by local communities and based on trust in local expertise.

Creation of community committees for maintenance and upkeep of seedlings

Strategically plant trees and crops together to enrich soil

Grow Ahead

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