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Climate Change, Coffee and Honey: An Interview with Alejandra Trujillo

We got the chance to interview Alejandra Trujillo who works with impacto café to get an idea of how climate change is affecting small-scale coffee producers in Mexico and how diversification can offer solutions for communities and the planet.

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Interview with Raúl and Carmen from CAC Pangoa

I got the chance to visit the chakra of Raúl and Carmen Alanya Saramiento. Raúl and Carmen are long time members of the Peruvian Cooperative CAC Pangoa and Raúl is the Chairman of the Board of Directors for Pangoa. Carmen was one of the initial cooperative members to begin reforesting their land in 2008 and growing coffee in an agroforestry, or food-forest, system. They have an impressive 14 acre farm where they grow coffee, cacao, yucca, bananas, and fruit trees. They have a vegetable garden where they grow spinach, onion, zucchini, squash, peppers and herbs and they raise pigs, chickens, guinea pigs, and fish.

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Following Up: Reforesting with Norandino

Grow Ahead and Cooperative Coffees teamed up with Peruvian Cooperativa Norandino successfully to plant 45,000 trees, reforesting 45 hectares of land in Piura, Peru. The program is geared towards revitalizing the coffee production of families in Las Lomas de Palo Blanco, as well as supporting the conservation and reforestation of the local ecosystem.

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Interview with Don Fidel

Rigoberto, the local coordinator for the Coffee Diversification Project in Mexico, sat down and interviewed Don Fidel, a producer and member of coffee cooperative CESMACH. Don Fidel speaks about his experience in the past farmer exchange in Nicaragua and what he looks forward to in hosting the upcoming exchange in Chiapas.

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A Word From the Field with Alejandra Guzman Luna

Alejandra grew up in a rural area south of Mexico City and works at the Community Agroecology Network staff as project manager for CAN’s work in Mexico.  The Community Agroecology Network, alongside cooperative partners CESMACH and PRODECOOP, and university partners from University of Vermont, Santa Clara University, Universidad Nacional Agraria, and El Colegio de la…

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Scholarship Update: Vasantha Kumari

Vasantha Kumari, from the Amrita Bhoomi agroecology center in south India, received a scholarship from Growahead for her work on the conservation of local seeds in April 2018. Vasantha is the seed coordinator of Amrita Bhoomi, which is a farmer’s agroecology school run by the farmers movement of the state of Karnataka. Vasantha is now single-handedly managing the seed program at Amrita Bhoomi.

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Planting Hope: Grow Ahead Funds Chilean National Campesina to Campesina Exchange

Grow Ahead teamed up with ANAMURI, the National Association of Rural and Indigenous Women in Chile to raise $10,000 for a “Campesina a Campesina” exchange. From November 19th-21st, 2018, rural and indigenous women from different regions of Chile came together to discuss agroecology and the peasant struggle. The central objective of farmer-to-farmer was to bring farmers and organizations together to discuss mechanisms and actions that help to disseminate and promote the agroecology as a strategy for protection of the land and environment and food sovereignty.

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Grow Ahead & Allies Fund Farmer Exchange on Diversification in Smallholder Coffee Systems

Grow Ahead teamed up with coffee cooperatives, CESMACH & PRODECOOP, leaders to raise $7,000 for an Assessment of On-Farm Diversification Strategies in Smallholder Coffee Systems in Mesoamerica. The event brought farmers, cooperatives, and researchers from Nicaragua, Mexico and the United States together in Estelí, Nicaragua for a week from, November 19th-23rd of 2018.

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Grow Ahead Launches Crowdfunding Campaign For Micro-Loans to Fund Small-Scale Coffee Farmers in Chiapas, Mexico

Grow Ahead launchs a new campaign to crowdfund $10,000 in micro-loans for farmer-led savings and credit fund “FondoMás,” a project of Mexican non-profit Impacto Café, to support ten smallholder coffee producers diversify into organic honey production in Chiapas, Mexico.

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