Get Involved

It takes thousands of trees to become a forest and thousands of voices to become a movement. This work cannot be done alone, it takes a network of solidarity.

Grow Ahead teams up with community organizations around the world to support projects that improve the environment and community livelihoods. Read real stories and join us in investing in a climate resilient future.

How To Get Involved

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Become a Monthly Sustainer

When you donate to Grow Ahead, your funds go directly to small-scale farmers and farmer organizations. Monthly donors allow us to bridge the resource and funding gap for farmer organizations and to support small family farmers as they address the challenge of climate change in their communities.

Take action for climate change, tackle poverty, cultivate food security, and improve the environment as a monthly sustainer.

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Join the Carbon Initiative for Businesses

Grow Ahead partners with small-scale farmer organizations to replant trees, conserve forest systems, and draw carbon out of the atmosphere in a sustainable way. But we also help businesses take responsibility for their carbon footprints and join the movement for a resilient future. We work with companies to calculate the carbon footprint of their activities and then match them to specific agroforestry campaigns to help offset that carbon.


Join in for Advocacy and Outreach

We believe in the need for interconnected movements for climate justice, fair trade, food justice, and workers’ rights. Through partnerships with allied organizations, we are always trying to push forward a global movement for a better future. Stay informed and keep up with our campaigns and action.

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Start a Business Partnership

Partnerships with businesses like yours are instrumental to our growth, allowing us to reach more small-scale farmers each year. Grow Ahead is committed to helping companies build authentic and impactful partnerships to help demonstrate commitment to combating climate change and supporting communities. Work with Grow Ahead to support reforestation and forest conservation projects your team is passionate about.