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We're on a mission to support 100,000 small-scale farmers to address the challenge of climate change in their communities through crowdfunding for climate resilience.

We team up with farmer organizations around the world to support climate resiliency initiatives.
Read their stories, or join us in investing in the future of farming.

The Coffee Diversification Project

Campaign Goal: $10,000

Country: Mexico

The Coffee Diversification Project brings together farmers, farmers’ cooperatives and researchers to learn together about what diversification activities work and why, in a farmer knowledge exchange. We are crowdfunding to facilitate the second part of a farmer-to-farmer exchange discussing diversification tactics in coffee systems.

Scholarships for Women Farm Leaders in Honduras

Campaign Goal: $3,575 

Country: Honduras 

On average, women make up 43% of the agricultural labor force and produce 60 to 80% of food crops in poorer parts of the world. Women have less access to a range of resources, including education. Sponsor education on regenerative organic agriculture for 10 women farmers from the Café COMSA.

IALA Guarani: Farmer-to-Farmer Social Movements Take Root in Paraguay

Campaign Goal: $20,000

Country: Paraguay

La Via Campesina member IALA Guanari is developing an agroecology center in Paraguay to provide education and support for rural communities. By supporting peer-to-peer training in rural areas, we can help rural communities build food sovereignty, grow food security, and tackle rural poverty.

Micro-Loans for Beekeeping for Small-Scale Coffee Farmers in Chiapas

Campaign Goal: $10,000

Country: Mexico

Support ten smallholder coffee producers in Chiapas diversify into organic honey by starting their own or growing their beekeeping business in order to help farmers diversify production, improving livelihood and income.

Reforestation and Revitalizing Coffee Production in Peru

Campaign Goal: $46,700

Country: Peru

Grow Ahead has teamed up with Peruvian Cooperativa Norandino to support the families affected by “La Roya” blight through a farmer-driven agroforestry program. The program is geared towards revitalizing their coffee production, as well as supporting the conservation and reforestation of the local ecosystem.

Why Small-Scale Farmers and Climate Resiliency?

  • 380 million smallholder farming families in the Global South produce over 70% of food (as measured by total calories) for the Global South and at least half, by the same measurement, consumed globally.
  • Small-scale farmers are among the most affected by climate change even though they don’t produce a lot of greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Small-scale farmers practicing regenerative organic agriculture can drawdown greenhouse gas emissions and help mitigate global climate change.
  • Small-scale farmers receive little government or market support and safeguards and are vulnerable to increasing pest pressure, decreasing yields, and climate extremes.

Crowdfunding for Climate Resiliency

Farmers need information and resources to create healthy and resilient farms that will continue to feed their communities. That‘s where we come in. We team up with local organic and fair trade farmer cooperatives around the world to crowdfund for climate resiliency initiatives in four key areas:

Coffee Plant

Agroecology Scholarships for Women Farm Leaders

harvesting coffee in Ghana

Regional Farmer-to-Farmer Trainings

coffee grower

Revolving Loan Program

Tree Planting in Agroforestry Systems

Our Impact


Thrive Market’s Give a Tree Campaign

$1,070 raised
1,070 Trees
Ended February 21, 2019

Promoting Conservation Agriculture in Ghana

$3,025 raised
1,500 farmers
Ended September 1, 2018

Holistic Land Management Training – Chisuma, Zimbabwe

$3,636 raised
150 households
Ended September 1, 2018

Scholarship for Vasantha Kumari

$2,500 raised
1 scholarship
Ended July 1, 2018

Diversification Strategies in Smallholder Coffee Systems

$7,000 raised
70 people
Ended June 17, 2018

Planting Hope: National Campesina a Campesina Exchange

$10,000 raised
55 women farmers
Ended May 31, 2018

COMSA Organic Agriculture Scholarships

$3,500 raised
10 farmers
Ended September 31, 2017

Regional Farmer-to-Farmer Exchange for Coffee Farmers on Reforestation

$15,000 raised
30 farmers
Ended September 15, 2017

Business Growing a Better World

We believe business has an important role to play in boosting resilience in family farming communities on the frontlines of climate change. We partner with value-driven companies to develop joint-fundraising campaigns to support impactful climate resilience projects.