We stand behind reforestation projects run by small-scale farmer organizations. Together we help combat climate change and support communities.

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Supporting Agroforestry Projects

We team up with community organizations around the world to support projects that improve the environment and community livelihoods. Read real Grow Ahead stories and help us invest in a climate-resilient future.

 Seed Saving and Reforestation in Mexico

Campaign Goal: $46,000

Country: Mexico

Grow Ahead has teamed up with Ka’ Kuxtal Much Meyaj to support the planting of 25,000 trees and promotion of a seed saving program in Campeche, Mexico.

Farmer Led Agroforestry in Mexico’s Coffee Lands

Campaign Goal: $18,000

Country: Mexico

Grow Ahead has teamed up with the Coalition of Ejidos of the Costa Grande of Guerrero to support the planting of 75,000 trees and facilitate agroecological training via the network of Latin American Institute of Agroecology (IALA).

What is Agroforestry?

Agroforestry is a way of planting crops and trees together to improve social, economic, and environmental benefits. Agroforestry “systems” help farmers restore water and nutrients to their soil, increase the production of food, and pull carbon out of the atmosphere.

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Grow Ahead Agroforestry Illustration