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How to Protect Forests and Support Farmers this Earth Day

This Earth Day, discover the potential of Fair Trade, small-scale farmers and agroforestry to regreen the earth, tackle climate change and create a fair and equitable food system.


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Webinar | Earth Day: Women for Agroecology and Regenerative Agriculture

Celebrate Earth Day by joining us for a webinar to meet women from around the world who are leading the regeneration of agriculture and nurturing the next generation of farmers.

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Call for Scholarship Applications

Apply for funding for a scholarship to attend a training or workshop on agroecology or regenerative organic agriculture

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Webinar | Boost Your Social and Environmental Impact by Supporting Small-Scale Farmers

Join us on February 7th to talk about the brand opportunity for regenerative agriculture from strategic marketing expert Eric J Pierce (New Hope Network); how partnering with small-scale farmers can boost your brand’s social and environmental impact from Grow Ahead’s Alex Groome; and hear from Guayaki’s Gretchen Grani about how yerba mate is regenerating rainforest and livelihoods.

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Webinar | How Agroforestry Can Boost Climate Resilience and Food Security

Join us for your lunch break for a free webinar to learn about the science behind one of the 100 leading climate solutions from agroforestry expert and Project Drawdown Senior Fellow Eric Toensmeier; the story of a leading agroforestry farm in Brazil from agroforester, businessman, and former Formula 1 racing driver Pedro Diniz; and how agroforestry can support climate resilient farms while boosting local food security for small-scale farmers from Grow Ahead’s director, Ryan Zinn Rodriguez.

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2017 Highlights: Small-Scale Farmers Cool the Planet & Nourish the World

Grow Ahead re-launched in May 2017 to support small-scale farmers address the challenge of climate change in their communities by crowdfunding for farmer-driven resiliency efforts. And thanks to you, we’ve come a long way. Here are a few highlights from 2017 that we look forward to expanding upon in 2018.

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Webinar | Creating Resilient Supply Networks: Partnering With Small-Scale Farmers

Join us on December 7 to talk about how coffee importers are supporting growers, about fair trade businesses that are working to support the resilience of smallholder farmers in their supply networks, and about how crowdfunding can support and enhance such initiatives.

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3 Reasons to Partner With Grow Ahead

Grow Ahead is supporting the global movement to boost the resilience of family farmer communities and fair trade cooperatives around the world through crowdfunding. We believe business has an important role to play—here’s how you can get involved.

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3 Ways Business Can Support Regenerative Organic Agriculture

Here’s how you can become a business that supports small farmers and the regenerative agriculture movement.

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