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Webinar | Creating Resilient Supply Networks: Partnering With Small-Scale Farmers


WHEN: 1-2pm EDT  December 7

OVERVIEW: Climate change is already affecting companies’ supply chains overseas, and these impacts are only expected to worsen. In order to cultivate supply networks that are resilient in a changing climate, we need to stand with small farmers and support the regenerative organic agriculture practices that boost climate resilience on the farm. What are businesses doing to support growers in their supply networks on the frontlines of climate change?

Join us to talk about how coffee importers are supporting growers, about fair trade businesses that are working to support the resilience of smallholder farmers in their supply networks, and about how crowdfunding can support and enhance such initiatives.



  • Introductions (5 minutes)
  • Alexandra Groome, Grow Ahead: Small-scale farmers cool the planet and feed the world: Crowdfunding for climate resilience in farming communities (15 minutes)
  • Monika Firl, Coop Coffees: Collaborative action for strong relationships, agricultural innovation and improved resiliency in the face of increasingly dramatic climate change (15 minutes)
  • Chris Solt, Fair Trade Federation: FTF and 360° Fair Trade – Working with small farmers helps cool the planet by building strong businesses today – and for generations to come (15 minutes)
  • Questions (10 minutes)


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Fair Trade Federation
Cooperative Coffees