2017 Highlights: Small-Scale Farmers Cool the Planet & Nourish the World

Grow Ahead re-launched in May 2017 to support small-scale farmers address the challenge of climate change in their communities by crowdfunding for farmer-driven resiliency efforts. And thanks to you, we’ve come a long way.

Here are a few highlights from 2017 that we look forward to expanding upon in 2018:

Reforestation Training for 30+ Coffee Farmers

Together, we raised funds to support 30 coffee producers from across Latin America, representatives of their organizations, and allied groups come together to share knowledge and field-tested methods of reforestation. Participants have committed to take what they learned and implement it in their communities:

“I commit to share what I have seen and learned with others in my organization and to apply these practices in my own fields. I plan to reforest a piece of land that is not suited for coffee… in order to demonstrate to others the many benefits,” said Tomas Iván Aranda from Cenfrocafe (Peru).

We’re committed to full transparency on all of our campaigns, so we compiled photos, a training report, and press release in one place. Check it out!

Scholarships for 10 Small-Scale Farmers

Small-scale farmers are experiencing increasing pest pressure, decreasing yields and a quickly changing landscape — all of which are threatening their livelihoods. Considering that small-scale farmers feed the majority of the developing world, the implications are serious. This year, with your support, we raised funds to send 10 farmers to a regenerative organic agriculture training with COMSA in Honduras. The training is set to take place in early 2018. Stay tuned for updates.

1000+ Trees Planted

Thanks to our generous donors, 1,164 trees (and counting) will be planted in agroforestry systems, in partnership with small-scale farmers. By implementing a dynamic agroforestry model, farmers can meet the needs of their communities and enhance their resiliency, while generating much needed income through the sale of organic and fair trade products.