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Posts by Julia Gentner

Following Up: Reforesting with Norandino

Grow Ahead and Cooperative Coffees teamed up with Peruvian Cooperativa Norandino successfully to plant 45,000 trees, reforesting 45 hectares of land in Piura, Peru. The program is geared towards revitalizing the coffee production of families in Las Lomas de Palo Blanco, as well as supporting the conservation and reforestation of the local ecosystem.

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Grow Ahead Partners with Coop Coffees and Bean North for a Women-led Reforestation Project in Peru

Bean North Coffee Roasting Co. Ltd., an organic and fair trade coffee roaster from Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada, and green coffee importing cooperative, Coop Coffees, have announced regenerative commitments to support a agroforestry tree planting campaign in the Peruvian Amazon launched by Grow Ahead, a crowdfunding platform that supports small-scale farmers and climate resiliency projects around the world

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Webinar | The Coffee Diversification Project

Diversifying coffee farming is crucial for a thriving coffee industry and the well-being of small producers. With the climate changing and coffee prices diving, now more than ever it is essential to work with and learn from small-farmers on best practices for climate-resilient agriculture. In this webinar we get an opportunity to hear from multiple partners of one most innovative and collaborative research and training projects around diversification and coffee.

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Webinar | Regenerative Response: A Conversation with Grow Ahead and The Million Hazelnut Campaign.

With conversations around climate degradation increasing, there is a need to shift our focus to real and actionable solutions. Agroforestry and regenerative organic agriculture are surprisingly simple solutions that have the potential not just to sustain the current carbon levels but to sequester enough carbon to reverse the effects of climate change, while supporting rural communities. 

This webinar will bring together leaders from two regenerative projects, The Million Hazelnut Campaign and Grow Ahead’s Agroforestry Program to discuss responding to climate change, connecting concerned citizens to climate resilient farmers, supporting rural livelihoods and investing in regenerative organic solutions. Join us in this timely conversation and learn how to get involved in creating a regenerative organic future.

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Interview with Don Fidel

Rigoberto, the local coordinator for the Coffee Diversification Project in Mexico, sat down and interviewed Don Fidel, a producer and member of coffee cooperative CESMACH. Don Fidel speaks about his experience in the past farmer exchange in Nicaragua and what he looks forward to in hosting the upcoming exchange in Chiapas.

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A Word From the Field with Alejandra Guzman Luna

Alejandra grew up in a rural area south of Mexico City and works at the Community Agroecology Network staff as project manager for CAN’s work in Mexico.  The Community Agroecology Network, alongside cooperative partners CESMACH and PRODECOOP, and university partners from University of Vermont, Santa Clara University, Universidad Nacional Agraria, and El Colegio de la…

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The Coffee Diversification Project

Campaign Goal: $10,000

Country: Mexico

The Coffee Diversification Project brings together farmers, farmers’ cooperatives and researchers to learn together about what diversification activities work and why, in a farmer knowledge exchange. We are crowdfunding to facilitate the second part of a farmer-to-farmer exchange discussing diversification tactics in coffee systems.

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Scholarship Update: Vasantha Kumari

Vasantha Kumari, from the Amrita Bhoomi agroecology center in south India, received a scholarship from Growahead for her work on the conservation of local seeds in April 2018. Vasantha is the seed coordinator of Amrita Bhoomi, which is a farmer’s agroecology school run by the farmers movement of the state of Karnataka. Vasantha is now single-handedly managing the seed program at Amrita Bhoomi.

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