Indigenous-led Ecosystem Restoration in Mexico

Campaign Goal: $60,000

Country: Mexico

Grow Ahead teamed up with Communal Assets of the Lacandona Zone (BCZL) to support traditional Mayan agroforestry to boost biodiversity, support soil health and restore freshwater in the lagoons, rivers and springs of the Lacandona Jungle.

Funded February 2020

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In Climate-Focused Partnership, Fairtrade and Grow Ahead Team Up to Deliver Green Solutions for Farmers

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE November 9, 2021 CONTACT: Lauren Berlekamp 202-657-7754 <[email protected]> Lilia Letsch 541-702-6246 <[email protected]> PORTLAND – A new partnership launched by Fairtrade, the world’s most recognized label for social justice and sustainability, and Grow Ahead, a leading crowd-funding platform addressing the local challenges of climate change, will work to deliver comprehensive climate mitigation solutions to…

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Women-led Reforestation in Brazil: Trees and Supporting Plants

In Ceará, MST and the Central Cooperative of Areas of Agrarian Reform of Ceará (CCA) have organized several campaigns, mobilizing peasant families towards food sovereignty, agroecology, and boosting the autonomy of peasant women by valuing their expertise in the construction of knowledge exchange processes from peasant to peasant. Grow Ahead and CCA Ceará have showcased 5 of the trees planted in the Women-led Reforestation in Brazil.

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The Climate Crisis, COP26 and Small-farmer Solutions.

Grow Ahead and Fair World Project are teaming up as the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) kicks off to highlight the role that agriculture plays in the climate crisis and to demand that world leaders center the demands of small-scale farmers on the frontlines of climate change.

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Project Update: Guatemala, Colombia and Nicaragua

Grow Ahead teamed up with Food 4 Farmers to support three agroforestry projects with Maya Ixil Cooperative in Guatemala, SOPPEXCCA in Nicaragua and COMEPCAFE in Colombia. All three projects have begun activities from trainings, building nurseries and distributing trees amongst the families participating in the projects.

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Women-led Reforestation in Brazil

Campaign Goal: $50,000

Country: Brazil

Grow Ahead has teamed up with Central Cooperative of the Agrarian Reform Areas of Ceará to support a Women-led reforestation and beekeeping project in Brazil.

Funded June 2021

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Earth Week with Grow Ahead

Each year on April 22nd we come together to celebrate environmental protection and climate action. Let’s commemorate this day cultivating our knowledge educating ourselves about climate justice, intersectional environmentalism, regenerative agriculture and grass-roots movements!

We have listed some climate webinars around the world for you:

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Scholarships for Women Farm Leaders Update: “Pata de Chucho” training

Last year we partnered with Café Orgánico Marcala (COMSA), a cooperative of 1,573 small coffee producers in Márcala, La Paz, Honduras, for the Scholarship for Women Farmleaders Campaign. We crowdfunded $5,000 for 10 women to attend the internationally recognized training called “Pata de Chucho”, a name that symbolizes the importance of receiving and sharing the…

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Reforestation in Honduras

Campaign Goal: $40,000

Country: Honduras

Grow Ahead teamed up with COMSA to plant 40,000 trees in agroforestry systems with coffee farmers in Honduras.

Funded May 2021

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