Women-led Reforestation in Brazil

Campaign Goal: $50,000

Country: Brazil

Grow Ahead has teamed up with Central Cooperative of the Agrarian Reform Areas of Ceará to support a Women-led reforestation and beekeeping project in Brazil.

Funded June 2021

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Earth Week with Grow Ahead

Each year on April 22nd we come together to celebrate environmental protection and climate action. Let’s commemorate this day cultivating our knowledge educating ourselves about climate justice, intersectional environmentalism, regenerative agriculture and grass-roots movements!

We have listed some climate webinars around the world for you:

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Scholarships for Women Farm Leaders Update: “Pata de Chucho” training

Last year we partnered with Café Orgánico Marcala (COMSA), a cooperative of 1,573 small coffee producers in Márcala, La Paz, Honduras, for the Scholarship for Women Farmleaders Campaign. We crowdfunded $5,000 for 10 women to attend the internationally recognized training called “Pata de Chucho”, a name that symbolizes the importance of receiving and sharing the…

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Reforestation in Honduras

Campaign Goal: $40,000

Country: Honduras

Grow Ahead teamed up with COMSA to plant 40,000 trees in agroforestry systems with coffee farmers in Honduras.

Funded May 2021

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We’re Hiring: Part-time Social Media & Outreach Coordinator Position

About us Grow Ahead is an organization that connects people directly to small-scale farmer organizations to support them as they combat climate change in their communities. We partner with local farmer-run cooperatives to support community-led reforestation projects that benefit people and the planet.  Industrial agriculture and food production are major contributors to climate change. Small-scale…

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Agroforestry & Food Security For Small-Scale Farming Communities

Agroforestry is a system of land management where trees are deliberately planted with agricultural crops to emulate native forestry systems. Farmers and Indigenous communities have been planting crops and trees together in food-forest systems for thousands of years. In recent years agroforestry has  become increasingly recognized as a way of land management that sequesters carbon…

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International Coffee Day: Coffee, Climate Change & Small-Scale Farmers

This International Coffee Day we are focusing on one of the biggest challenges to coffee: climate change. Climate change is proving to be catastrophic for coffee growers, cutting the global area suitable for coffee growth in half. Due to habitat shifting & alteration, droughts and temperature extremes, Arabica coffee has been added to the IUCN…

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Planting with Pangoa: Update on the Women-led Reforestation in Peru Project

Reforestation is underway at CAC Pangoa! We recently received an update from the Pangoa Women’s Committee and the Reforestation Manager on the progress of reforestation so far. While the cooperative has had to make adjustments due to COVID-19 precautions, the reforestation team is busy managing the nurseries and holding technical training around the importance of…

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