Earth Week with Grow Ahead

Each year on April 22nd we come together to celebrate environmental protection and climate action. Let’s commemorate this day cultivating our knowledge educating ourselves about climate justice, intersectional environmentalism, regenerative agriculture and grass-roots movements!

We have listed some climate webinars around the world for you:

rooted in race and class_0

Rooted in Race &Class: Intersections in Climate Stories

Pulitzer Center Conference Environment (Re)Defined

Tuesday 20 April - 2:00 PM EDT

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Climate change has increasingly disrupted life across the globe with hurricanes, floods, and, as Pulitzer Center grantees have recently reported, disease. As we learn more about the science behind these extreme weather events and the destruction of land, it becomes clear that Black, brown, and Indigenous communities are hugely affected by environmental issues. In this panel, Pulitzer Center grantees will explore how stories deeply rooted in race and class issues are also environment stories.


Reasserting Rights: Countering Transnational Anti-Gender Campaigns

Heinrich Böll Stiftung Washington, DC

Tuesday 20 April, 9:00 AM EDT

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In recent years and across the globe, campaigns aiming to restrict and undermine the human rights and voices of women and girls and LGBTI persons have been increasingly organized and are gaining momentum - in multilateral fora, in national parliaments, on the streets, or in local municipalities. Germany, Finland, and Mexico, in cooperation with the Heinrich Böll Stiftung and the Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy (CFFP), are taking the occasion of the launch of CFFP's study "Power over Rights: Understanding and countering the transnational anti-gender movement" to organize an event on understanding these transnational anti-gender campaigns, but also compariing best practices and international initiatives to strengthen women's and girls' rights and acknowledge their intersectionalities with other discriminations and to implement politices to achieve gender equality.


Big Pharma: Your profits, our lives

Global Justice Now

Wednesday 21 April, 5:00 PM GMT+1

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While millions of people are receiving COVID vaccines every week in countries like the US and the UK, the majority of countries in the global south have yet to receive a single dose. We’re facing a global vaccine apartheid. As pharmaceutical corporations hold their AGMs in the coming weeks, the People’s Vaccine Alliance has invited the CEOs of some of the major vaccine companies to attend a public meeting with healthcare workers, vaccine volunteers and patients from around the world.

Restore Our Earth

Restore Our Earth BK Jayanti & Dr Vandana Shiva

Thursday 22 April, 7:30pm IST

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Join this Earth Day to a special conversation between the environmental leaders BK Jayanti and Dr Vandana Shiva.


Taking Action For People & The Planet 

CSULB Sustainability

Thursday 22 April, 2:00 PM GMT-5

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Sustainability officers across the CSU are once again collaborating to organize a systemwide virtual event in honor of Earth Day 2021! Join CSULB Sustainability for a 1 hour panel discussion and Q & A with young leaders of the intersectional environmental and climate justice movement followed by 30 minute, action-oriented break-out discussions.


History of Regenerative Agriculture

Karen Washington

Friday 23 April, 12 PM EST

- Online class -

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Soil health is vital for human health, environmental biodiversity and ultimately life on earth as we know it. In this class we explore the foundational principles of regenerative agriculture, its Indigenous roots, and how it can impact design, fashion and city planning.


From the Ground Up: Taking Action

COP26 Coalition

Friday 23 and 24 April

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The gathering will provide a space for activists and community members to discuss, plan and strategize about how to build a powerful, effective and inclusive climate justice movement. This April we will bring together people from across the globe - from the ground up - to answer the question of how. How do we build power in our communities and workplaces for climate justice? How can we mobilise millions of people into taking action to stop fossil fuels extraction? How can we organise to win?