Agroforestry and Cocoa in Ghana

“Africa has a lot to teach [to] the different cuisines of the world; what we eat and food policies related to sustainability and territory are important.” Selassie Atadika- Ghanaian Chef, Culinary Ambassador, and Foodways Advocate   We can find cocoa in cuisines and traditions around the world. To start, we can talk about what Cocoa…

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Indigenous-led Ecosystem Restoration in Mexico

Campaign Goal: $60,000

Country: Mexico

Grow Ahead has teamed up with Communal Assets of the Lacandona Zone (BCZL) to support traditional Mayan agroforestry to boost biodiversity, support soil health and restore freshwater in the lagoons, rivers and springs of the Lacandona Jungle.

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Agroforestry & Food Security For Small-Scale Farming Communities

Agroforestry is a system of land management where trees are deliberately planted with agricultural crops to emulate native forestry systems. Farmers and Indigenous communities have been planting crops and trees together in food-forest systems for thousands of years. In recent years agroforestry has  become increasingly recognized as a way of land management that sequesters carbon…

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