Reforestation and Revitalizing Coffee Farms in Peru

Working in the vivero to plant seedlings into individual bags


Cooperativa Norandino

Cooperative Coffees


Piura, Peru




45,000 trees planted


Following Up: Reforesting with Norandino


Grow Ahead teamed up with Peruvian Cooperativa Norandino to support the families affected by coffee rust – a fungus also known as “La Roya” through a farmer-driven agroforestry program. The program was geared towards revitalizing their coffee production, as well as supporting the conservation and reforestation of the local ecosystem.

Tree planting is about more than just trees. The budget covered technical assistance for the management and implementation of the project, production and installation of coffee seedlings, production and installation of native forest seedlings, installation of nurseries, Fair Carbon Certification and the creation of two community associations for conservation.

About Cooperativa Norandino

Norandino is a fair trade organic cooperative made up of over 7,000 small producer families of cacao, café, panela, and fruit in coastal, highland, and jungle regions in northern Peru, including Piura, Tumbes, Amazonas, Lambayeque, Cajamarca, and San Martín. They support small producers by providing storage services, processing and transformation, logistics, consultancy, and exportation and promotion of products. Norandino's aim is to enact these services with transparency and competitiveness in hopes to contribute to the strengthening of our partners, the promotion of regional development, and the improvement of the quality of life for our small farmers.

Continue the work for small-farmers and the planet!