Planting with Pangoa: Update on the Women-led Reforestation in Peru Project

Reforestation is underway at CAC Pangoa! We recently received an update from the Pangoa Women’s Committee and the Reforestation Manager on the progress of reforestation so far. While the cooperative has had to make adjustments due to COVID-19 precautions, the reforestation team is busy managing the nurseries and holding technical training around the importance of biodiverse coffee and cocoa farms and the best practices for integrating agroforestry systems.

‘The installation of forest trees in coffee and cocoa farms has been promoted to cooperative members as a strategy to mitigate the negative impacts produced on the production process and also mitigate the problems of climate change, such as the emergence of diseases in the plant and climate variation’ -Marco Antonio Enciso Cámac, Nursery Manager.

The Women-led Reforestation in Peru project will reforest 45 hectares in total. As of now, 13.5 hectares have been reforestated with a total of 11,208 forest seedlings planted. They have been prioritizing hard-woods and native species such as Tornillo, Colombian Cedar, Bamboo, Moena, Pine, Capirona, and Bolaina to restore water and nutrients to the soil, aid in coffee and food production and pull carbon out of the atmosphere.

‘Agroforestry systems are also important because they are generating additional income for coffee and cocoa farming families’, Marco continued. The Pangoa Women’s Committee was created 20 years ago to support women with economic and business training and new income sources. As they expand and respond to the needs of the women in the community they are supporting cooperative members in reforesting their farms, providing economic opportunities for women and protecting lands from the effects of climate change.

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