New Crowdfunding Platform to Connect Funders and Small Farmers

Our food system is broken, and it’s time to fix it. Not only has it failed to ensure abundant and nutritious food for all, it is one of the leading contributors to the climate crisis, responsible for about half of all human-produced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. It has destroyed biodiversity above and below-ground at the expense of small-scale farmers who bear the brunt of the impacts of the industrial system, from land grabs and unfair trade agreements to volatile market prices. The industrial model exploits workers, land and animals.

By 2050, we’ll have an additional 2 billion mouths to feed. In March 2017, carbon dioxide levels in Earth’s atmosphere reached a record breaking, unnerving 405.6 ppm‒ and rising. Levels haven’t been this high for 3.6 million years. We all have a right to healthy food produced through ecologically sound and sustainable methods. With mounting pressure to cool the planet and feed a growing population, something’s got to give.

Small Farmers Cool the Planet and Feed the World

The industrial agriculture model may have failed us, but research reveals that the 570 million small-scale farmers who produce nearly 80-percent of the world’s food on one-quarter of all farmland could sequester more than 100-percent of current global GHG emissions with a shift to widely-available inexpensive regenerative agriculture practices. Many already are adopting or transitioning towards more regenerative practices.