Sustainability, Small-Scale Farmers and Responsible Reforestation | A Webinar with Grow Ahead

Climate change is one of the biggest issues facing the world today. Now more than ever, we know that we need to tackle climate change in a way that is holistic and accountable to small-scale farmers and frontline communities. As a non-profit that connects people directly to small-scale farmer organizations to support community-led reforestation projects, Grow Ahead is doing just that.

Grow Ahead’s agroforestry projects are about more than just environmental impact but about supporting community livelihoods. Rural communities are the first to feel the effects of climate change despite having disproportionately low carbon footprints. Working with these communities for climate resiliency initiatives is essential so they can protect the land and provide for their families. By planting trees in agroforestry--food forest-- systems, farmers are restoring the water and nutrients to the soil, providing food and crops for their families and communities, and pulling carbon out of the atmosphere.

Join us in a webinar designed for the herbal products industry discussing the importance of nature based climate solutions like agroforestry and regenerative, organic agriculture and ways that your business can reach it’s sustainability goals by partnering with community-led agroforestry projects that benefit people and the planet.

Ryan Zinn
Grow Ahead teams up with community organizations around the world to support projects that improve the environment and community livelihoods.