Celebrate Giving Tuesday with Fair World Project and Grow Ahead

Copy of Giving Tuesday

This Giving Tuesday,  Fair World Project and Grow Ahead are joining forces to couple advocacy with on-the-ground work. Together, our organizations are driving forward the fight for farmer and worker justice, fair supply chains, and an environmentally resilient future. Join the fight for people and the planet!


Our organizations are building and supporting coordinated efforts that bring together farmers, workers, and all people who want to create a just global economy. 

Grow Ahead’s crowdfunding platform connects donors to small-scale farmers who are addressing climate change through community-led projects. Fair World Project serves as a fair trade watchdog, as well as developing educational materials, and advocating for fair trade and worker justice around the world. Together, we’re transforming supply chains. 

Grow Ahead is a crowdfunding platform that connects people directly to small-scale farmer organizations around the world. Grow Ahead funds community-led projects that address the local challenges of climate change. Your donation will help Grow Ahead support community organizations as they:

  • Lead community-driven reforestation projects to plant trees, support community-livelihoods, and combat climate change. 
  • Provide a revolving loan fund for small-scale coffee farmers in Chiapas, Mexico to support diversification into producing organic honey.

Fair World Project advocates fair trade for small-scale producers and labor justice for workers around the world. Fair World Project also publishes For a Better World magazine, providing a platform for the voices of small-scale producers, activists, and industry professionals from across the fair trade and labor justice movement. Your donation will help Fair World Project: 

  • Ensure that For a Better World remains ad-free and free of charge.
  • Offer competitive and fair pay to our authors and contributors.
  • Fund independent research that will help us develop new tools and resources.