Scholarship: Elizabeth Mpofu

Country: Zimbabwe

In Zimbabwe, farming is a cultural practice. Due to the cultural norms that discourage female children to pursue further education, Elizabeth Mpofu was left with no option but to go into farming, practicing what she learned from her parents and grandparents whose lives depended on farming. This inspired her to believe that farming could be a significant source of livelihood for rural and marginalized communities, especially women who produce the majority of food. Elizabeth is now a leader in her region. She is a member of the Zimbabwe Small Holder Organic Farmers Forum (ZIMSOFF), General Coordinator of La Via Campesina (LVC), a Board Member of AFSA and UN FAO Special Ambassador in Africa for Pulses (small grains).

Elizabeth is seeking sponsorship for a scholarship to visit and document agroecology projects in Mutoko, Murowa and Bikita in Zimbabwe as well as a project in Zambia or Mozambique (TBC). The funds raised will be used to sponsor Elizabeth's travel and to support her to share what she learns in workshops with 100 women farmers from Zimbabwe Small Holder Organic Farmers Forum (ZIMSOFF).

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Campaign end date: July 1, 2018