Be a Part of Grow Ahead—Join Our Board of Directors!

Grow Ahead is an online crowdfunding platform that supports small-scale family farmers in their efforts to address climate change in their communities. Grow Ahead raises and distributes money for farmer-to-farming trainings, scholarship for women leaders, and investment in community projects to mitigate climate change. By contributing through Grow Ahead, consumers and organizations can support farmer-driven agroecological solutions that have a proven track record in farming communities.

We’re looking for passionate individuals from around the globe to join our board of directors and contribute to our mission of supporting small-scale family farming communities tackle climate change.

This opportunity is right for you if:

  • You are looking for a unique leadership opportunity in regenerative organic agriculture and international community development
  • You are passionate about supporting small-scale farmers tackle climate change through initiatives that are developed by farmers and led by farmers
  • You are looking to apply your talent in strategic thinking/planning, digital marketing, crowdfunding, big picture thinking, program development, project management and/or fundraising in the service of a great cause
  • You have 6-8 hours per month to dedicate to Grow Ahead, for a minimum of two years

What you’ll get to dig into with us:

  • Strategic planning: We’re planning on embarking on a strategic planning process with new board members
  • Campaign funding model: Solidifying our funding model for campaigns
  • Project selection criteria: Honing in on robust criteria for choosing which projects to fund
  • Digital marketing: Mastering crowdfunding, branding, and messaging

Interested in helping us grow the organization?

Learn more about the opportunity

Submit your application to join us as a board member by August 24, 2018

If you have any questions please contact Alexandra Groome ([email protected])