Ryan Zinn, Grow Ahead Director

Ryan Zinn

Ryan is the Director for Grow Ahead. Ryan is the Organic & Fair Trade Coordinator for Dr. Bronner’s, focusing on Dr. Bronner’s international supply chains and farmer training. Ryan also shares his time with Fair World Project and Grow Ahead. Ryan has worked in the food and farm justice movement at home and abroad for 20 years, including with such organizations as the Center for International Law, Friends of the Earth-Paraguay, Global Exchange and the Organic Consumers Association.

Email Ryan at Ryan @ growahead.org.

Alexandra Gromme, Grow Ahead Coordinator
Program Coordinator

Alexandra Gromme

Alexandra is the Program Coordinator for Grow Ahead. She is also the Program Coordinator for Regeneration International (RI), a nonprofit dedicated to building a global network of people who promote and practice regenerative agriculture and land use. Alex first discovered regenerative agriculture at Finca Luna Nueva, an organic biodynamic farm in Costa Rica. Inspired by the power of regenerative agriculture to cool the planet and feed the world, she joined RI and moved to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico where she is based at RI's sister project Via Organica, a regenerative organic ranch, restaurant and education center. Email Alex at Coordinator @ growahead.org