Make a Loan

Lend for Climate Resilience

Small-scale farmer organizations in the developing world are historically under-resourced with limited access to capital to grow their operations beyond their day-to-day needs. Yet, experience has shown that small farmers can be key change agents and the most cost-effective actors for scaling out climate resilient agroecology tactics to cool the planet and feed the world.

Grow Ahead’s revolving loan program is designed to fund farmer-developed resiliency projects, such as soil conservation and yield-boosting compost operations, in order to bridge the resource and funding gap.

For the first time, individual consumers can forge an intimate link with frontline farmer organizations, directly funding farmer initiatives and support the global effort to address climate change on the farm.

Make a Loan

Loan Fund for Beekeeping in Chiapas, Mexico

Campaign Goal: $10,000

Country: Mexico

Grow Ahead is raising $10,000 with FondoMás and impacto cafe for a revolving loan fund to support small-scale coffee farmers as they diversify into producing organic honey.