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The Coffee Diversification Project

Campaign Goal: $10,000

Country: Mexico

The Coffee Diversification Project brings together farmers, farmers’ cooperatives and researchers to learn together about what diversification activities work and why, in a farmer knowledge exchange. We are crowdfunding to facilitate the second part of a farmer-to-farmer exchange discussing diversification tactics in coffee systems.

Scholarships for Women Farm Leaders in Honduras

Campaign Goal: $3,575 

Country: Honduras 

On average, women make up 43% of the agricultural labor force and produce 60 to 80% of food crops in poorer parts of the world. Women have less access to a range of resources, including education. Sponsor education on regenerative organic agriculture for 10 women farmers from the Café COMSA.

IALA Guarani: Farmer-to-Farmer Social Movements Take Root in Paraguay

Campaign Goal: $20,000

Country: Paraguay

La Via Campesina member IALA Guanari is developing an agroecology center in Paraguay to provide education and support for rural communities. By supporting peer-to-peer training in rural areas, we can help rural communities build food sovereignty, grow food security, and tackle rural poverty.

Reforestation and Revitalizing Coffee Production in Peru

Campaign Goal: $46,700

Country: Peru

Grow Ahead has teamed up with Peruvian Cooperativa Norandino to support the families affected by “La Roya” blight through a farmer-driven agroforestry program. The program is geared towards revitalizing their coffee production, as well as supporting the conservation and reforestation of the local ecosystem.

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