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April 20, 2020


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Grow Ahead Launches Community and Carbon Initiative for Mission-Driven Businesses and Individuals to Take Responsibility for Carbon Footprint

Community and Carbon Initiative Offers Funding Partnerships with Community-led Agroforestry Campaigns and Forest Protection Groups to Sequester Carbon and Contribute to Climate Resilience


PORTLAND, OR — As the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day is celebrated this week, Grow Ahead, a digital crowdfunding platform that supports farmer-led climate resiliency projects around the world, is launching the Community and Carbon Initiative to give individuals and businesses the opportunity to partner with agroforestry and forest protection efforts as a way to take responsibility for their environmental impact and contribute to carbon sequestration. Sequestering carbon into the soil is a key tactic to overcoming the excess of carbon in the atmosphere, which contributes to global warming and a rapidly changing climate. Grow Ahead has a strong history of supporting small-scale farmer organizations as they combat climate change in their communities. Through this initiative, Grow Ahead helps calculate the carbon footprint of mission-driven businesses and individuals’ activities, then matches them to specific agroforestry campaigns to help balance that carbon footprint though supporting projects designed, implemented, and managed by grassroots communities. Through sustainable and impactful partnerships with small-farmer organizations, replanting trees and conservation of forest systems successfully draws carbon out of the atmosphere.

“With climate change as one of the biggest issues facing humanity, Grow Ahead sees a growing need for businesses and individuals to take responsibility for their carbon footprint in a way that is accountable to front-line communities,” says Ryan Zinn, Director of Grow Ahead. “Unfortunately, much of the carbon offsetting market that exists has chosen cheap or corrupt emissions reduction deals over focusing on climate justice and grassroots solutions. Grow Ahead is launching the Community and Carbon Initiative to offer an alternative to questionable carbon markets and a way to sequester carbon by directly supporting community-led projects.” 

Through the Community and Carbon Initiative, Grow Ahead supports farmer-led agroforestry projects, which is seen as one of the most readily available and effective ways to sequester carbon into the soil out of the atmosphere. Agroforestry is a way of planting crops and trees together to improve social, economic, and environmental benefits.  These systems allow farmers to restore water and nutrients to their soil, which increases food production and pulls carbon out of the atmosphere. By enabling a local community organization to maintain the reforested areas and create lasting positive effects, mission-driven businesses and individuals who are making contributions through the Community and Carbon Initiative are able to take responsibility for their carbon footprint as ethically as possible.

“Because reforestation is about more than just planting trees, Grow Ahead is committed to a radical shift in community development towards placing trust in local knowledge and expertise,” says Julia Gentner, Program Manager of Grow Ahead. “We believe in transparency and solidarity with small-scale farmers. Community-led projects are better equipped to address the local needs and integration with the community to ensure long-term success. As a result, communities have more sovereignty over their food and resources to spread knowledge on sustaining their communities and their lands.”

Grow Ahead campaigns cover the technical assistance for the management and implementation of the project, production and installation seedlings, installation of nurseries, monitoring and evaluation of new plantings including the creation of community associations for conservation and community educational programs. Because Grow Ahead also recognizes the need to protect existing forests, $1 from every offset ton goes to supporting front-line indigenous communities who are fighting to protect the rainforest and the climate. To learn more and make a contribution, please visit: https://growahead.org/carbon-initiative/


Grow Ahead is a crowdfunding platform that supports small-scale family farmers address climate change in their communities. By contributing through Grow Ahead, individuals and organizations can support climate resiliency initiatives that have a proven track record of success in farming communities.

To learn more about Grow Ahead, please visit: http://www.growahead.com