Experience has shown that farmers around the world learn best from their peers.

Emerging from Central America in the 1970s, the “Farmer-to-Farmer” movement has fueled the training of thousands of peasant farmers by facilitating the exchange of practical experiences and best practices. This movement is based upon community empowerment, traditional knowledge, and local innovation and cooperation. Farmer to Farmer trainings are the most effective method to “scale out” agroecology.

Featured Training: Regional Farmer to Farmer Exchange for Coffee Farmers on Reforestation

Grow Ahead has partnered with Cooperative Coffees to sponsor the first Farmer to Farmer training of our program. 

Cooperative Coffees is fundraising to host a Farmer to Farmer training in Nicaragua with their partners, Taking Root. Taking Root has been operating a successful, community-led, native species reforestation project for over 10 years. The project empowers people, regenerates land, and implements reforestation using a methodology that calculates soil carbon levels, enabling them to assess their environmental impact. This fall, 30 coffee producers from across Latin America will gather to learn and share knowledge about the multiple benefits of reforestation.

Help us reach our goal to fund 30 farmers to participate in the reforestation training to boost climate resilience!

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Why coffee farmers?

Recent research says up to 50 percent of current coffee producing regions will no longer be suitable for production by 2050. Most of the world's coffee is produced by small scale farmers who cannot migrate with a changing climate, meaning their livelihood is under threat. We urgently need to invest in resilience for coffee producers around the world to enable them to adapt to climate change.

Why this training?

This is an opportunity for coffee farmers from across Latin America to learn from a successful locally-driven project and take that knowledge back to their communities to implement according to their local context to boost their land's resilience in face of climate change.

"Reforestation is such a big part of good carbon farming. It’s a great opportunity for our producers to learn about how to optimize soil regeneration and productivity while storing carbon to the benefit of climate balance,' said Coop Coffees' Sustainability Director Monika Firl.

Read Grow Ahead's interview with Monika to learn more about Coop Coffees and the Carbon, Climate, Coffee Initiative.

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Regional Farmer-to-Farmer Exchange for Coffee Farmers on Reforestation

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